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New Under The Desert Sun Collection
Yankee Candle Outlet
Valid Jan 22 2024 - May 23 2024
Escape from the ordinary into the sun-drenched desert. Discover an oasis where you can relax and unwind, inspired by the desert landscape. Satisfy your wanderlust as you experience the unique beauty of the desert. 
Available in store now! 

Desert Blooms 
These exquisite flowers are made even more special when experienced in the serene desert. 
If you like Seaside Woods, you’ll love this! 

Aloe & Agave 
Explore the desert and you’ll find succulent aloe and agave plants, providing a refreshing, fragrant respite.  
If you like Majestic Mt. Fuji, you’ll love this! 

Experience the magic and wonder as the desert sky fills with stars at night. 
If you like Dried Lavender & Oak, you’ll love this! 

Sweet Vanilla Horchata 
There’s no better ending to a sun-drenched hike than a cold glass of sweet horchata enjoyed with friends in the shade.  
If you like Vanilla Crème Brûlée, you’ll love this! 

Canyon Pine Trail 
The deep canyons in the desert provide contrast from the hot sun and cooling scents of the green plants you’ll find there. 
If you like Balsam & Cedar, you’ll love this! 
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